Sky Dragon serves varied missions including Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), border and security applications, maritime patrol, and search and rescue, among many others. The lighter-than-air aircraft benefits operations with:

  • Prolonged hover that supports lengthy mission duration
  • 24-hour sustained 360° monitoring and imaging capability
  • Quickly interchangeable payload flexibility
  • Reduced cost from lower fuel and sustaining expenses

The platform features advanced vectored propulsion control, onboard data workstations, useful payload greater than one ton, and accommodating payload integration for technologies like:

  • Long-range AESA multi-mode radar
  • HD daylight and thermal imaging (EO/IR) systems
  • Communications and data equipment
  • Threat response systems
  • Downlinks for secure data dissemination or remote operations

The ‘Sky Dragon’ mobile aerial sensor platform offers extended loiter capability (time-on-station), and integrates the latest technology to deliver situational awareness and actionable information to operators. It provides highly effective:

  • Day and night area monitoring
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Threat imaging & documentation
  • Expanded communications and signals intelligence
  • Ground asset coordination capabilities

Training & Operational Support

Aeros’ airship training programs can be developed for pilots, ground crew chiefs, ground crews and maintenance personnel. A commitment to client satisfaction and global airship support is our driving mission.