Athena Security Solutions, INDIA Pvt Ltd, is a Hyderabad based company established by industry experts with deep understanding of global best practices and experience working with Law Enforcement and Defence clients in many geographies around the globe. ATHENA helps clients succeed in complex and dangerous environments, enabling them to control and reduce risks through the delivery of a tailor-made portfolio of security, automation and training. ATHENA is focused on providing solutions for Law Enforcement and Agencies protecting Critical assets, Corporates & HNI’s.

What We Do?

Every product or service we offer is based on independently studying, surveying and determining leaders in the field to ensure that our clients get the best quality product, which works in the environment that it was planned, with a commitment on service and delivery. By looking at security in a comprehensive manner and understanding that it takes both quality solutions and a trained workforce to deliver consistent service, we have consciously taken the path of proving our credentials at each step along the way. Unlike traditional vendors, our thoughtful selection process ensures we only present those solutions we can trust to deliver consistently, since any security system is only as good as its weakest link.

Our Motto

Never compromise on quality, or on our commitment to provide the best solution to our customers, while constantly attempting to learn and stay abreast of global advances and best practices. We truly believe that, Reputation is built one client at a time