ATHENA offers intrusion detection systems to protect Perimeters, Drains, Pipelines, Data Communication Lines across a range of facilities including but not limited to Airports, Power plants, Pipelines, Nuclear Plants & Defence Establishments, focus of Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS), include both Optical Fibre & LIDAR.

ATHENA offers high performance PIDS for fence, Perimeter walls, Buried Applications, Data Communication lines through a single compact and highly resilient controller, from FFTTM.

  • A Single controller can effectively monitor optical lengths of upto 110 km per controller for buried applications and, 80 km for fence.

  • Using advanced Signal Processing algorithms, combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to discriminate between intrusions, nuisance alarms and other causes of fence disturbances.

  • Industry’s lowest Nuisance Alarms and False Alarms

  • Industry best accuracy of detection

  • The system has built in cut resilience and can be configured for redundancy

  • The system does not use any electronics / power in the field

  • No requirement for Special Cables. Software configured Zones as per site conditions & customer requirements.

  • The system safeguards Data Networks against intrusion attempts and detects activities such as manual & mechanical digging. By pin pointing the location of the intrusion, it provides actionable information to isolate problems, on the physical network.

The Quanergy TM LiDAR offered by ATHENA, a proven LIDAR (Light Detection & Ranging) sensor, and is the only one which can provide Classification & Tracking when used in conjunction with QORTEXTM for Security, software. The compact and rugged LiDAR has been designed to meet the most challenging demands of real world applications. Some of the key features of LiDAR based PIDS are as follows

  • 360 degree Field of View (FOV); day and night vision; no IR heat-signature needed

  • Creates accurate 3D location data, detection, measurement, identification, tracking and classification of people/ items of interest

  • Create events based on trigger zones; PTZ pairing, alarm, light etc

  • Detection range of 150m and tracking range of 50 m

  • Ability to mount as per requirement (on wall/tripod/vehicle/drone/etc)

ATHENA can assist in integrating the above solutions with your Command and Control.