OFC based Pipeline Intrusion Detection


How it works

  • The fibre optic sensor cable is buried above the pipeline
  • Can in some cases use existing fibre optic cable subject to FFT approval
  • The closer the sensor cable is to the surface, the earlier the detection
  • The sensor cable can be installed in conduit
  • Detects and locates TPI (Third Party Interference) or physical disturbance activities
  • It’s a preventative measure

Benefits of Secure Piple

  • A proven product with worldwide installations since 2002
  • Provides preventative, real-time and accurate location of third party interference activities
  • Allows immediate dispatch of security/maintenance staff to the site so repairs can take place before impact damage & related corrosion caused by TPI leads to pipeline failure
  • Does not require the sensor cable to be damaged or touched to detect an event
  • Simple to understand and simple to use
  • Provides an advance alarm of many naturally occurring events – often before the critical structure is damaged