With the preponderance of technology used for conducting stings, ability of dangerous elements attempting to illegally listen to conversations, ability to tap communication lines and access data illegally, illicit use of Cell Phones in Prisons and other facilities, there is a growing need for organizations to deploy solutions to Detect, Prevent and Disable such communication activities, effectively.

Tapping of Communication Lines – Cyber Threat
With the extensive use of Fiber Optics for communciations of Voice and Data, there is an increased threat of tapping of this line thereby compromising the information. To prevent this, new cutting edge solutions are needed to quickly identify and help with rerouting the communication.

Cell Phone Detection in Prisons The illicit use of Cell Phones in Prisons has and continues to be a cause of concern for authorities. Using specialized ferro-magnetic detectors, which can be easily deployed without the need for power outlets and which do not give false alarms when deployed near other metallic objects like a railing etc, is very effective solution.

Frequency Jammers
There is a need for providing specialized jammers for rooms where private or highly secure communications are being held. In such facilities one needs technology to detect a hidden camera, illegal microphone, etc.

Bug Sweeping
Increasingly there is a threat of corporate espionage and illegal tapping. Thus there is a need for constantly checking rooms / facilities for hidden bugs and devices which are used for snooping.

Secure Communication
When you have a closed group that needs to operate in total confidence over their mobile phones, in any geography with each other, then specialized solutions are required.

Intelligence Solutions – If you need to monitor

  • Mobile, satellite communications
  • Evaluate and prevent Cyber threats
  • Black Box DDOS attacks and penetration tests
  • Advanced Mobile locating & tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Wifi Interception System
  • Anti-Drone Jamming System