Our LIDAR solutions, where ATHENA can be of assistance include:

  • Mounted on Traffic Lights for Intelligent Traffic Management, as well as provide Cities effective data for providing Dynamic Rental pricing information to Commercial facilities.

  • Installed on a Drone, we can provide Geo-Spatial Analysis for various needs including but not limited to City Planning, Agriculture, Mining, etc

  • Industries or Facilities increasingly need to track the number of people within a facility, during any emergency, or even routinely for security. Current Camera solutions are not effective or accurate and cannot account of tailgating, etc.

  • Increasingly robots are being used in various spheres, Warehousing, Security Applications, etc, all of which need information on positioning of objects close to them to avoid collision amongst others. The robots need an effective LIDAR, based on the speed of movement, range of movements, etc.

  • Holistic Perception to provide situational awareness through a 360 degree view to make quick decisions. Athena is working in this realm as well to provide solutions for our security forces.

  • Autonomous Vehicles was the primary motivation behind which LIDAR technology took off. This will continue to be an area of growth and Athena is working with partners in this realm as well.