Ferro Magnetic Detectors



Metrasens Ltd is an innovative technology business specializing in metal detection products for security and healthcare markets. Metrasens is a spin-out from QinetiQ, one of the world’s leading defense technology companies. As a result Metrasens gives its customers unrivalled access to the output of over 50 years of national investment at the forefront of technology. Metrasens combines this vast technology background with a customer specific approach to products, training and installations. With unsurpassed product quality, technical support and service installation partnerships worldwide, Metrasens is well positioned to work with you to provide a security tool that will match your particular operational requirements. Metrasens has worked successfully with customers including HMP Service, UK Police, NHS and various commercial security organizations.

The Technology:

Metrasens’ patented core technology platform has allowed us to design the most portable full body metal detection system available worldwide. The technology is based on ferromagnetic detection which can be thought of as ferrous only metal detection. The large majority of items of interest e.g. knives, guns and other weapons do contain significant amounts of ferrous material. The technology is entirely passive and so presents no health and safety issues to any subject being scanned. All of our products have been designed to be simple to set-up, operate and be intuitive to work with. Metrasens works closely with each new customer application to customize its solution to meet your particular operational requirements.

Features Summary:

  • Full body scanning
  • Freestanding orwall mounted deployment
  • Covert screening possible
  • Low cost of deployment
  • Robust aluminium design
  • Simpletooperate


  • Freestanding
  • Wall Mounted
  • Covert


  • Unobtrusive door / entry security
  • High end building security.
  • Hotels, Malls, Multiplexes, Museums, etc.
  • Prison, courthouse and police station screening
  • Flexible VIP security
  • Covert surveillance.
  • Public event screening.
  • Scanning for knives on street operations

The latest innovation in full body metal detection system available worldwide.


  • Totally passive technology
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Aluminium house for indoor & outdoor use
  • Highly portable for rapid deployment
  • Uniform coverage from head to toe
  • Hi-Sensitivity
  • Shower proof
  • Intuitive display
  • One person set up
  • Mains or Battery (lasts up to 7 hours)
  • Working in non flat surface
  • Surprise element (unannounced deployment)

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