Perimeter Intrusion Detection Technology


Perimeter Intrusion Detection covers a very vast area and a variety of solutions. Several OEM’s offer solutions and it is important to understand the requirement, location, area of operation and select the technology best suited for the condition.

As a specialist in Perimeter Intrusion Detection Solutions, Athena brings to bear its significant understanding of the types of technologies, their individual capability, their effectiveness for given criteria as well as the ability to INTEGRATE these and other systems into a seamless whole. In this endeavour, we have identified and selected certain technologies and solutions which are most effective and appropriate for the types of intrusion being addressed.

By looking at the problem from a Holistic perspective and having in-depth knowledge we can share and discuss various solutions, creating a multi-layered, multi-technological approach.

Detection of Tunnelling

When your facility/location has a threat from Tunnelling it is important to understand that most tunnelling activity starts from a distance so that it is not visible.

Detection of Fence Intrusion

Several Perimeters around large & small facilities, like a Power Plant, Oil Refinery, Power Generator facility, Data Centers, etc, require a technology that can detect.

Detection of Drain Intrusion

Facilities like Airfields, Ports, etc., have large drains to ensure that waters can safely recede, creating a potential for intrusion from the drain.

Electric Fences

There are situations when customers only want an Electric Fence as a deterrent to Intrusion, however they need a smart fence which allows the zone of intrusion to be identified and integration with other EO sensors be available.

Pipeline Intrusion Detection

Pipelines usually have a SCADA solution, which is a fiber optic based solution, placed along the pipeline. By leveraging the same Optical Fiber.

Tapping of communication lines

Fiber tapping uses a network tap method that extracts signal from an optical fiber without breaking the connection.