Risk Assessment


ATHENA understands that Security is a specialized area and each asset has its own unique requirements. By working with industry experts from around the globe we are able to source, learn and even deploy these experts to assist in Risk Assessment.

ATHENA CONSULTANCY SERVICES (ACS), provides Risk Assessment services for the protection of Critical Facilities, including but not limited to Borders, Nuclear Facilities, Ports, Factories, Power Plants, Oil Refineries / Platforms, Luxury Resorts, Private Homes, Communication Lines etc.

Our services encompass a thorough study of the on ground situation, the surrounding area and present the client with a detailed report for implementation of technology, resources and training to mitigate the threats. Since this is a highly sensitive subject, we are not at liberty to share the information about our clients.

Once the Risk Assessment has been completed and reviewed with the client, on obtaining a go ahead, ATHENA ACS develops a detailed implementation plan. Having access and knowledge of all critical technologies, we can help determine the best set of solutions for the protection of the specific asset in mind.

Our ACS group will provide a turnkey solution for your security needs, including the training of your personnel. When you need someone who is qualified, trained, has high integrity and business ethics and maintains the business confidentiality, to help analyze the threats, develop a comprehensive plan to mitigate the threat and suggest/implement a solution to defeat the threat – call ATHENA

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