Thermal Devices


It had been a regular practice of all organizations to install Security cameras as part of their CCTV surveillance systems but over the last decade, more modern systems such as thermal technology due to their innate capability of detecting anomalies on a year round basis irrespective of all and any weather conditions such as fog, toxic environments, extreme weather are now in vogue. Large areas involving multiple buildings, continuous air and ground traffic, and constant flow of people make effective round-the-clock monitoring a major challenge against thieves, who seek to take advantage of darkness and abnormal weather to slip past conventional security systems. Theft and vandalism normally occur at night or on weekends, and almost always when the business is closed. Guard dogs can be effective, but not always. The solution lies in the ability to see illegal activities carried out under cover of darkness. The cameras’ ease of use, night - time performance, and ability to zoom-in to scenes at great distances with clarity and detail provide an ideal foil to crime perpetrators.

Thermal cameras adopt the latest infra-red tracking that enable to integrate with end-point analytics software and are ideal for detection and assessment of security threats up to 10km and fire detection up to 6km or more if required. With these powerful cameras located at the perimeter, movement at one or multiple sites can be monitored from a central command center.

The most popular thermal imaging systems are available as fixed Thermal Cameras, PTZ and Multi-Channel Thermal Camera, IR Cameras with night vision and hand held versions.

Thermal imaging is mainly used extensively in varied, typical and also niche applications. Prominent among them are

  • Safety applications: Fire detection, heat detection, gas leak detections and night vision, detection of noxious emissions such as Methane.
  • Best solutions for anti-insurgency and ante guerrilla warfare.
  • Thermal imaging systems are used in conjunction with robots for climate detection, disaster recovery management and relief operations.
  • Sectoral Areas of application:
    • Border securities, military bases, airport, seaport coast guard, railroad security, Critical infrastructure such as nucleur plants, power plants, oil and gas refineries, forests, sanctuaries, commercial fleets and others.