For recognizing approaching insurgents, relaying real-time information, or protecting front-line soldiers, an elevated sensor platform enhances virtually any defense outfit. They can improve early warning capabilities, streamline communications between field and base operatives by extending line of sight, and can act as the first line of defense for enhanced personnel protection.

Tactical towers facilitate rapid establishment of a persistent surveillance zone with minimal manpower, whether for perimeter security, emergency response, event surveillance, precision agriculture, or any other application seeking long-duration elevated perspective. Towers are constructed for strength and operational flexibility using a triangular truss system composed of carbon fiber and aluminum, which renders the system ultra light weight for simplified portability.

The tactical system supports operations with:
  • Persistent elevated reconnaissance
  • Scalable and modular design for mission and payload flexibility
  • Complete ground assembly with rapid vertical rotation
  • Rapid installation and removal for stealthy field operations
  • Networkable for extended coverage
  • Severe weather survivability
  • Surveillance
  • Perimeter Security
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Fire Management
  • Emergency Response
  • Event Management