Evidentiary rules require that there be positive identification of the event, individual(s). Cameras have become an unavoidable part of society today. This intrusion of privacy has raised several issues around the world, especially in Europe, where it is now also illegal to monitor people and their faces, without authorization in public spaces.

Cameras are however used in Traffic Management Systems, Security Systems, Industrial Production monitoring, amongst others. This has meant the uses of cameras with intelligence on the edge. This provides fast decision making and alerts to the operator, without choking up a lot of bandwidth, at competitive prices.

The selection of the camera is therefore an important part, in understanding the purpose for the deployment – Thermal (cooled / uncooled), High Speed, Short and Long-Distance monitoring, Facial Recognition, Operating temperatures, Red Light Violation, Speed Violation, Fixed or Mobile, operating from a Drone, and a host of other criteria based on the problem to be addressed."

Surveillance/Intrusion Detection

Bullet, PTZ, Long & Short Range cameras for surveillance and intrusion detection.

Cooled & Uncooled

Thermal cameras options, both cooled and uncooled, depending on the requirement.

Special Purpose Cameras

Infra-Red, License Plate, Red-Light cameras to meet any kind of operational requirement.


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