Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS)

    An intelligent traffic management system is a mix of services and tools, associated with different transportation modes and management software. The most widely recognized uses of such systems are providing detailed information, shortening the commute span, and lessening gridlocks. As versatility turns into a critical piece of modern lives intelligent traffic management systems take advantage of individuals everyday requirement.

    Technologies for ITMS

    • Wireless data exchange
    • Computation
    • GPS-based communication
    • Using smartphones sensor
    • IoT sensors

    The Video Analytics Modules include:

    • Automatic Number Plate Recognition
    • Red Light Violation Detection
    • Speed Violation Detection
    • Make, Model and Color of Vehicle
    • Automatic Vehicle Counting and Classification
    • Vehicle Wrong Way Detection
    • Stopped and Illegal Parking Detection
    • Traffic Congestion
    • Pedestrian Movement


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