Distributed Acoustic Sensing

Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) is a technology that enables continuous, real-time measurements of vibrations (acoustics) along the entire length of fiber optic cable. Unlike traditional sensors that rely on discrete sensors measuring at pre-determined points, distributed sensing uses the optical fiber as its "sensing element.

The crucial backscattering signal is usually caused by the inherent Rayleigh scattering that is a universal signal present in all optical fiber waveguides and at all wavelengths. Rayleigh scatter requires no additional processing of the fiber, and it is spatially continuous, thereby giving complete coverage over any waveguide length.

Such systems can be implemented over lengths more than 100 km of standard fiber, and the output can be interpreted with various algorithms giving information about security intrusions, fluid flow, telecom networks, offshore oil rigs, vehicular traffic, and other disturbances. Increasingly, sophisticated algorithms using deep learning and other data science techniques are being applied to the large data output from these applications."

All weather/ Consistent Performance

24 x 7 operation in any weather and light conditions and no active component on field gives consistent performance with no EMI/RFI.

AI/ML Enabled

Based on Rayleigh principle, dynamic threshold settings and AI/ML enabled to filter nuisances and unimportant events.

Ease & Low Cost of Maintenance

Commercially available OFC can be used, no active elements in the field, no mechanical components in controller with high MTBF.


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