Protect Perimeters from unwanted Intrusions using accurate, actionable insights.

Protect the bordersProtect the bordersProtect the borders

OFC-based Intrusion Detection System

Fiber optics are extremely efficient for signal transmission where cost, weight and space are at a premium. ATHENA offers a high-performance Perimeter Intrusion Detection System using standard single-mode OFC cable that can be installed on a fence, perimeter wall, pipelines and data communication lines and can detect several aspects, including:

  • Someone climbing, cutting, or lifting the fence fabric.
  • Tunnelling under the fence/wall
  • Breaking the perimeter wall
  • Climbing over a wall with concertina/barbed wire on top
  • Tampering with a data communications line

Our Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) controller can be placed up to 10km from the site, using an insensitive OFC cable. The system can be deployed in either an open or closed-loop configuration which works for sites like borders or closed perimeters of critical assets. The system safeguards data networks against intrusion attempts and detects activities such as manual and mechanical digging. By pinpointing the location of the intrusion, it provides actionable information to isolate problems, on the physical network.

Primary Segments:

  • Military Facilities
  • Borders
  • Airports and Sea Ports
  • Power Plants
  • Oil & Gas Storage and Refinery Facilities
  • Ordnance Factories and Ammunition Depots
  • High value Critical Asset
  • Rail Yards, Metro Yards, Weapons storage facilities – small perimeters


We serve a wide range of markets and applications using our sophisticated technology and backed by our team of industry experts. We understand the nuances that come with each industry and can resolve specific challenges faced by our clients, including in Oil & Gas, Power, Military, Aviation, Civil Infrastructure, and building High-Security Facilities and Smart Cities.

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