Optical Fibers

Fiber optics are extremely efficient for signal transmission where cost, weight and space are at a premium. This means the use of one or multiple strands of an optical fiber as the sensing element.

Light from an optical source is transmitted along the fiber and typically converted to an electrical output at some point along its path; sensors built into the device will convert any perturbation along the line into a corresponding variation in light intensity or wavelength before it is transmitted back towards its origin.

Optical fibers have many of the advantages – it is light weight, they are completely passive, making them intrinsically safe, and operate based on a controller unit which can be placed at long distances from the actual fiber, they are not impacted by electro-magnetic interference, radio frequency interference or environmental conditions. "

Closed / Open Loop

Can be configured in closed or open loop depending on the site plan and redundancy requirements.

Buried/Fence mounted/Combination

Can be mounted on fence (barbed wire/concertina and others) or buried in ground or combination of both.

Short / Long Perimeter

Flexibles range to cater to different size of perimeters ranging from small to very large.


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