Linear Heat Detection

Fires are a significant financial and safety risk. Industrial facilities, large infrastructure like buildings, tunnels, warehouses, parking structures, and storage or transportation of goods, are impacted by harsh environmental conditions, which can quickly degenerate into a hazardous fire. To protect your assets from fire, the smartest guard you can have is Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection (LHD). Fiber Optic LHD uses advanced sensor technology that works within +/- 1% accuracy, has near-zero false alarms, which makes for effective protection against fire hazards.

That is not all - when one of our sensors detects an early warning heat signal indicative of a potential fire in its vicinity and spatial resolution of less than one meter, it allows for quick activation of countermeasures – saving you time and money. Linear Heat Detection is the accurate, reliable, advanced solution for all your assets to ensures business continuity and a safe environment for people in case of fire.

However, unlike traditional cable-based Linear Heat Detectors, the highly intelligent Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection can monitor more than just high temperatures: it can differentiate between a fire and temperature increase due to seasonal changes. A single cable can cover 10 kms and due to its high spatial resolution – highly accurate counter measures can be undertaken, making it more cost effective and valuable for protection of high valued assets.

The sophisticated system is impervious to dirt, dust, solvent vapours, radioactivity, extreme temperature changes and explosive environments. "

Active System

Continuous and active temperature monitoring across the length of the OFC cable.

Intelligent Fire Detection

Provides absolute temperature rate of rise, and deviation from the average zone temperature, with very high location accuracy.

Flexible Integration and Routing

Can be integrated with existing FF systems and sensors, can be routed next to the fire prone spaces.


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