Counter Drone Technology

Counter drone technology refers to systems that are used not only to detect and classify, but also neutralise (kinetic or non-kinetic) unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) while in flight. The excessive use of UAVs across sectors has become a security threat, where they are not only used for intelligence gathering, distribution of weapons, explosives, narcotics, and destruction of human life and property.

While Military Counter Drone Systems are far more complex and expensive, with a Kinetic option, we focus on units, that can be handheld, or mobile with easy setup and operation or fixed systems. It is primarily targeted towards homeland security applications, protection of airfields, critical facilities and for small tactical military or law enforcement units.

It is important to recognize that as in any security setup, the Counter Drone mechanism requires a layered approach and we provide the first level response.

Non-Kinetic Solutions

The counter drone system can detect and jam the incoming drone by disrupting C2 or the GPS link.


Both fixed and Portable systems for a layered defense approach and quick deployment.

On Demand Denial

The solutions provide ‘On demand denial’ of area which can be critical infrastructure or a public place.


Our integrated solutions combine the best of technology with deep industry know-how to deliver end-to-end projects across the industry lifecycle. Our specialized and well-trained manpower efficiently analyse, plan and implement solutions that best suit the client’s requirement.