Distributed Temperature Sensing

Distributed Temperature Sensing is a cost-effective technology for monitoring pipeline leakage in oil pipelines, monitoring temperature in underground power cables and several other industrial applications.

Different DTS systems use different backscatter techniques, including Rayliegh, Raman and Brillouin, which are used for measuring temperature and stress. DTS systems are capable of measuring temperature with a high degree of accuracy over significant distances. Typical figures are detection accuracy in the range of +/- 1C at a resolution of 0.01 C to a spatial resolution of 1 m, over measurement distances of 30 km. It is precisely this accuracy, which makes DTS systems highly desirable, providing critical information to operators to respond to an imminent threat in a timely manner, saving operational disruption and significant costs.

Real Time Temperature Rating (RTTR) uses real time data from the environmental conditions and loading, along with providing information on system capacity thermal headroom and insights into the areas that are stressed or underutilized. This is crucial in the operation of power lines to work at its maximum efficiency, without compromising on safety standards. The RTTR uses the DTS to provide the temperature of the power cable for the purpose of modelling and analytics.

The system monitors the operating temperature of conductors with embedded sensors, gathers real-time data to detect the degradation of cable insulation, detects incipient failures, and initiates protective remediation before damage.

The Distributed Temperature Sensor (DTTS) offers cable operators a highly effective tool for rapid detection and early containment of damage due to high temperatures, with life cycle cost savings that can be significant in critical infrastructure applications such as oil and gas production wells where downhole sensor technology is deployed."

Prevent Failures

Continuous temperature measurement of Power cable to prevent failures and to ensure optimum utilization of current carrying capacity.


Inputs to Real Time Temperature Rating (RTTR) system to ensure optimum exploitation of power distribution.

Long Range

Based on Ramen effect, a single controller can cover large distances and multiple circuits.


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