System Integration

    Any effective security system must have an intelligent command and control system. Different solutions meet different objectives. Based on the threat levels at the location, the type of sensors and their integration will change.

    Most security systems use a multi-layered approach, which means that the central monitoring system must be equipped with Deep Learning and discernment algorithms to analyse inputs from each of the sensors to help with critical decisions.

    Actionable alerts must focus on reduced nuisance alarms and a high probability of detection. ATHENA has significant experience in these systems and can suggest various alternatives, plus also has a team that can customize your requirements as needed.


    We serve a wide range of markets and applications using our sophisticated technology and backed by our team of industry experts. We understand the nuances that come with each industry and can resolve specific challenges faced by our clients, including in Oil & Gas, Power, Military, Aviation, Civil Infrastructure, and building High-Security Facilities and Smart Cities.

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