Early detection of Intrusion attempts & leakages.

Pipeline Intrusion Leakage Detection

Pipelines are the lifeline for millions of people, carrying natural resources to our homes and businesses. They transport oil and gas from the fields to refineries, storage facilities, or export terminals. But they can be vulnerable to pipeline intrusions that could lead to serious damage or accidents.

Pipeline operators need to continuously monitor their systems for anomalies in pressure and flow that could indicate a potential leak or rupture. To ensure safety and security, these abnormalities must be detected early enough so that action can be taken before any leaks occur. This is especially important when considering the environmental impacts of a large spill into groundwater aquifers or waterways, which would have devastating effects on local populations and ecosystems if not stopped quickly enough.

Pipeline Intrusion Detection System that uses machine learning algorithms has proven effective at detecting anomalies in data collected from various monitoring sensors along pipelines. ATHENA’s pipeline intrusion detection system can detect walking/running, manual digging, mechanical digging/ploughing and vehicles.

The controller can be placed in the pre-existing control room and uses the existing optical fiber cable (SCADA) along the length of the pipeline. The system can give a pre-warning in case of an intruder(s) access the pipeline with malafide intentions.

ATHENA’s Leak Detection System provides high location accuracy of the point of discharge to ensure quick action to prevent further damage and minimise impact.

Traditional point sensors may take time to detect a leak or sometimes may altogether miss a minor leak which subsequently can become a catastrophic failure. ATHENA offers both Distributed Acoustic Sensors, which captures noise, strain, pressure in real-time, and Distributed Temperature Sensors that senses the temperature variations solutions for leak detection.

Moreover, the system controller is placed in the control centre and can easily be implemented using pre-existing OFC in the pipeline.


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